30. April 2021
Why Use a Sponsorship/ Brand Ambassador Contract
Jodie Seddon - equestrian lawyer discusses why it is important to have a contract in place.
Riviera Riders · 04. March 2021
Riviera PR is proud to announce the signing of Jodie Seddon to Weatherbeeta UK.
26. February 2021
Utilise social media to support and promote your current sponsors
Riviera Riders · 18. February 2021
Riviera PR is proud to announce that Cool Horse Socks are now supporting Sara Malpass
11. February 2021
Always riding on your own? Here's 7 ways to capture some images for your socials...
Riviera Riders · 05. February 2021
Centauras Products support Sara Malpass
Riviera PR is proud to announce that Centauras products are now supporting Sara Malpass
10. December 2020
So you've applied for various sponsorship roles or brand ambassador positions but had no luck, have you fallen into making these common mistakes? 1.You don't know anything about the company So you've seen a position open up on social media - say a Facebook competition to become the next brand ambassador for a company - and it looks an amazing opportunity. The only thing is you've never heard of the brand... but decide to throw in an application anyway. That's no problem, if it is too good to be...
Riviera Riders · 03. December 2020
2020 Updates from our super Riviera Riders
17. March 2020
Whilst lockdown may soon be inevitable, there is lots as riders & trainers that we can do to help protect ourselves at this time. Check out my top tips below to help stay ahead of this virus.