7 Ways to Capture Images

Struggling for ways to capture great images of you and/or your horse for your socials?


Here's my top tips to keep your 'gram moving!

  1.  Tidy a particular spot in your yard & take photos of your horse there (if you can teach them to ground tie then you can step back and take shots of just them) - give it a lick of paint & invest in some fake flowers. This is a great way to create consistency on your grid.
  2. Use the timer function on your phone - this is a great way to set up your phone and then step back with your horse. Did you know - it takes bursts of 10 shots so don't worry if you're not perfect straight away!
  3. Invest in a cheap tripod - the ones with bendy arms are great as you can attach them to fences/ stable doors etc. and then take your images. Here's one we recommend.
  4. Or alternatively - Prop your phone on the fence - or in my case, bales of hay at the yard. It's not perfect but it allows you to capture some videos and pictures that you can then edit. Great for sending videos off to your trainer too.
  5. Do a photoshoot with a friend - why not arrange a day where you and a friend get together and take a lot of images of each other? Pack a few different outfit changes, go for a quick hack, find a field and grab some snaps on your phone. You can bank loads of content this way and save it for later!
  6. Through the ears shots - simple but effective. It's a great way to capture a stunning view or if you're doing a fun exercise. And if you're brave, grab a video!
  7. Selfies - they always work! On horse or off, of capture them doing something silly over your shoulder, it's another way you can take a different type of image.

If you're feeling a bit flush and fancy investing, then there are some great ways you can go that bit further when it comes to capturing that perfect shot.

  1. Invest in a Pivo - which you can purchase via the link. This is a great tracking tool and really great if you want to do virtual lessons too. I have selected the silver option as it has really great options.
  2. Why not invest in a photoshoot with a professional photographer - we recommend Sky Limit Photography - in just half a day you'll get around 300 images - that will keep your social media going for ages!

Let us know if you have any recommendations of if you found these tips useful!

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