7 Things You're Doing Wrong when Approaching a Sponsor

So you've applied for various sponsorship roles or brand ambassador positions but had no luck, have you fallen into making these common mistakes?


1.You don't know anything about the company


So you've seen a position open up on social media - say a Facebook competition to become the next brand ambassador for a company - and it looks an amazing opportunity. The only thing is you've never heard of  the brand... but decide to throw in an application anyway.


That's no problem, if it is too good to be true then it is worth applying, but DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! Who owns/ runs the company, what are their values, what does the company stand for? Usually their website will house all of this information, so it's worth investing an hour of your time to find out everything you can before applying. Let's be honest, if they're giving you free or discounted kit, it's worth a bit of work upfront isn't it?


2.You send the same email to everyone


It's a bit like a CV... you should tailor each application; yes your results are the same and so is who you are, but perhaps the order of results could change - if they are looking for an amateur, post top amateur results first! Similarly what you can offer will be similar, but perhaps that brand has put out that they are looking for someone good on social media - highlight your skills here first!


3. You don't make it personal


If the application has a name to it, address it to that person! And if not, spend a little time finding the right person in the business who will be looking after the marketing and sponsored riders. It goes quite a long way and shows that you know about the brand and who runs it.

4. You just send a random DM


I want to say people don't do this but SO many companies I speak to still see this...


'Sponsor me?'


Just dropped straight into their inbox. I mean really?! You wouldn't approach someone in the street like that so please don't feel it is ok online!

5. You only talk about yourself


This is such a common one... people put  in the application how the sponsorship would help them as a rider or how great their horses are, but this is only one aspect of why a company will work with you, which leads me to my next point:

6. You don't mention how you can help them


This one is crucial! Basically as a sponsored rider you are a walking billboard for a company, and they are giving you products in order to advertise them - so tell them exactly how you can do this! It's all very well being a Grand Prix rider at home but if no one sees you... who are you going to advertise to?!


7. You approached the wrong company


Sometimes it happens, you haven't researched about the company to find out their values and who they are exactly looking for - it's common to misread what they have advertised! In which case you have wasted their time as well as yours. I will always advocate doing your home work!


Let me know if you found this useful.



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